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Thursday, 19 July 2012

if tomorrow...

if t0m0rr0w I die
and dun get a chance again
to say h0w much I Love You..
juz remember,
I was y0urs & once you were mine..
how far we go fr0m each other
it's never g0ing t0 be matter
b'c0z I n0e
u were alwez here
inside ma heart...4eva..
deep in ma heart
sumwhere, anytime.,
u will be alwez remembered,cared & missed by me
leaving y0u is like leaving life
I'll neva get u back
juz as I'll neva get ma passed back
but still waitin' 4 u
b'c0z it's true
past neva c0mes back, but future may returt wut we l0st...

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