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Thursday, 19 July 2012

that's not the alasan, oke ?!

penyakit kebosanan yang terlampau nie menghidap badan kaki tangan kite sejak 2 3 hari lepas dah. keje sehari hari memang tak lain , hadap makcik Lappy nie je la dari pagi sampai malam. so, hari nie jugak sama dengan hari hari yang lain. keje memang hadap lappy jer dari pagi sampai malam.

tengah khusyuk blogwalking + fasbuking + twittering +SMS- ing tadi (xtahu brape keje dalam satu masa dah nie) , terjumpa satu note lama yang aku buta berkurun dulu dekat FB tuh.. bila baca baca balik , aku teringin sesangat sangat sangat nye nak share dengan korang mende alah nie. Baca dan Faham. oke??!

Boy: I broke up with her.
His Best Friend: What happened?
Boy: She’s just too much for me.
His Best Friend: What makes you say that? What did she do wrong?
Boy: Well, for one.. She only cared about her appearance. Always had to look good, always took forever to get dressed! So insecure..
His Best Friend: So, you broke her heart because she wanted to keep your eyes locked on her? She wanted you to see that you have the prettiest girl under your sleeve and not think otherwise? I see..
Boy: Oh.. Well.. She’d often call me or text me asking where I am, who I’m with, telling me not to smoke, not to drink.She’s so clingy!
His Best Friend: So, you broke her heart because she cares about your well being? Because she cares about you a lot?And her greatest fear is losing you. I see..
Boy: But.. Uhh.. Well, she’d always cry when I say something slightly mean. She can’t handle anything. She’s a crybaby!
His Best Friend: So, you broke her heart because she has feelings? And because she just wanted to hear you say you love her? I see..
Boy: I.. Well! You know, she’d get jealous easily. I could barely talk to other girls! She’s so annoying! I had to hide it  from her so she wouldn’t bitch about it.
His Best Friend: So, you broke her heart because she just wanted you to commit to her? She thought you were faithful, but you lied so she could find out later and hurt even more? She just wanted the guy
she loves the most to love only her. I see..
Boy: Well, she..
His Best Friend: You broke up with her because she’s good for you? She just wanted the best for you? She’s broken
now because you were selfish. Are you proud?
Boy: I broke her heart.. Because I couldn’t see what was happening.. What happened to me?
His Best Friend: You lost the girl that loved you like no one else could. You see? You didn’t want her when all she's ever wanted was you. THAT’S what happened.
see?? everything we (girls) said or ask you (boy/men) to do is because there is a reason. it's not that we suka suka nak arah u'olss to do sumthing laa... it's mostly because we love ad care for you, the one who will guide and take care of us, one day. InsyaAllah. :)

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